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Dr. John Casalino Chiropractor Phoenix Arizona 85014Dr. John Casalino, DC

Doctor of Chiropractic
1000 East Camelback Road

What sparked my desire to become a chiropractor is both tragic and a blessing. As a pedestrian, I've been hit by a car on three separate occasions. I was shuffled through the medical model of treatment each time with some disastrous result. The first time I contracted a bacterial "staph" infection from the hospital, the second time they missed a fracture in my right wrist for months and the third they wanted to do exploratory surgery on my right knee only days after the accident, "just to take a look." Needless to say I lost faith in traditional medicine and it nearly destroyed any dream I had of becoming a "doctor" until I discovered Chiropractic.

Two years later, as fate would have it, I met a chiropractor. He taught me the garden hose principle; the concept that if you kink a garden hose the flow will be interrupted just like if you pinch a nerve in your body, the nerve flow would be interrupted. It was further explained that the body has an innate intelligence to keep itself healthy but if you interfere with this by pinching or irritating a nerve your health will be less than optimal. This is when it became apparent that my definition of a "doctor" was more in line with becoming a Chiropractic Doctor than becoming a Medical Doctor.

The transition to Chiropractic was easy for me as I was already enrolled in a pre-med program in Tucson. Nine months later I was accepted and started at National College of Chiropractic (NCC) in Lombard, Illinois. At NCC, I received my Bachelors Degree in Human Sciences and later my Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine in 1985. After graduation I continued my education and took over 500 hours in Rehabilitation Therapy and Sports Assessment and Treatment and became a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP) in 1994.

As I entered the Chiropractic profession it soon became clear that I was a very lucky individual, Chiropractic was even more fulfilling than I imagined. By using the gentle techniques taught to me at NCC and my desire to learn more from my peers, the "old timers" as I like to call them, the ones that have been practicing for decades, some for a half a century, I was able to blend new technology and the tried and true experience of real practice to my patients.

In 1999, in addition to patient care, Brenda Burns, the President of the Arizona State Senate appointed me to the State Senate Task Force designed to rewrite and reform Arizona's HMO laws. This omnibus bill, the Managed Care Accountability Act, among many other things, allowed patients the right to seek chiropractic care as a covered entity. This bill was signed into law and became effective January 1, 2001.

The experience in the legislative process led me to become the public policy chairman of the Arizona Association of Chiropractic and ultimately elected to the Vice Presidency in 2000, a position I held for two years. I was then elected as President in 2002 and served in this capacity for three additional years. Today I continue to lobby for patient rights in Arizona as well as in Washington DC as your Arizona Delegate to the American Chiropractic Association.

In 2005 at our State Chiropractic Convention my peers presented me with the Chiropractor of the Year Award, the first such award in nearly a decade. Needless to say I was both excited and humbled by their compliment and tribute. This profession has granted me with the opportunity to serve my peers and my patients and pursue the dream that is my profession.

I look forward to treating and educating the future patients of Chiropractic and invite you to join me in experiencing Chiropractic for yourself.

John Casalino, DC

Dr. Tyson Harris

Doctor of Chiropractic

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